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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  February 24, 2024 3:00am-4:00am PST

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it. he enjoyed a minute of bouncing around the kitchen before his bubble burst. >> what kind of balloon is that? that is not a regular balloon. >> i think it is a magnum. >> xl. >> congratulations. >> i thought he was taking his hat off. that is very strange. >> they seemed to enjoy it. family time. >> get off social media. shove your relatives and a giant rubber ball. >> shannon, we loved having you on. we will see you on sunday. that is it for us.
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♪ [the star-spangled banner] ♪ [the star-spangled banner] ♪ [the star-spangled banner] ♪ [the star-spangled banner]
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will: good morning. welcome to "fox and friends". it is primary day in south carolina. you saw in the national anthem shot, the warehouse, the american flag, the alabama flag, one of the best looking flags, the top five flag, the palmetto state. pete: go back to 2021 and go how far away are we from election day, here we are on primary day, south carolina, a day the plate huge role in the democratic primary and could play a big role in the republican primary, paul's look a certain way, but that is why they play the game. that's why they have the election. will find out what the people think in south carolina.
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polls open in an hour. rachel: i wasn't sure we would start with the national anthem because we are in a new location, glad we did. i noticed a crocheted flag, i got one for christmas. i wanted to mention that's the right way to crochet. exciting to be here in the palmetto state. we will dig into what everyone thinks will happen. will: folks in diners across the state. ainslie ehrhardt, lawrence jones talked to donald trump last night. every angle we can think of covered ahead of voting today. fox news alert, we are learning the man accused of killing a georgia nursing student, lincoln riley, is not a us citizen.
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pete: police arresting josé antonio alberra. rachel: tom homan will join us with information he has on this breaking news. today's primary in south carolina. will: donald trump and nikki haley were making the news, a few hours before they spoke last night in south carolina so we will give you a sample of nikki haley and donald trump. >> take a lot of courage, courage from everyone here, courage for me to run and courage for every one of you, don't complain what happens in a general election if you don't vote in this primary. >> we will have a gigantic victory in south carolina, we will show president biden in the radical left democrats that we are coming like a freight
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train in november. we are going to win this state and we are going to tell president biden you are fired, get out of here. rachel: what strikes me as it looks like nikki haley is running a primary campaign, a small rally, small meeting, donald trump is in the general campaign. brian: you can take that from the crowd and the environment and what they are saying, nikki haley is trading fire at donald trump. he made some comments, what do you do and the race, you're going to lose again and lose big but he is training his fire on president biden, would like to pivot this to a national election and if he were to when all 50 delegates which could look like that happens tonight would put him over 100 and on a path.
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rachel: he's angry about the lawfair being waged against him. here is what he had to say about that. >> he comes out with a verdict, you have to go to a bonding institution. it's a sham. a horrible thing. we did nothing wrong, he knows we did nothing wrong. he practically said we did nothing wrong, the banks were happy, there was no victim, wouldn't allow a jury. we had a clubhouse politician decide trump should pay $355 million on a situation where it was perfect. >> this is not the only case. the case in florida and you are telling the judge you got to throw this out based on immunity alone. >> they are not telling -- she had classified documents dollar the place including under his
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corvette and a garage. the greatest scam in political history, a witchhunt, the greatest witchhunt in political history. pete: it's important we are sitting here in south carolina for the republican primary. i would say as you look at the potential general election between president biden and donald trump it's not taking place at the voters booth. we understand today is the day to vote but we also understand the polls of what's going to happen here. what is overwhelmingly probable has to happen today. there was concern about the court room. that's looking less likely as court dates get pushed back, the one donald trump is referencing, the attorney general of new york tweeted $452 million my bragging about the size of the fine on donald trump. what i am getting at, if it's not taking place at the voting booth or the courtroom we have
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yet to see the curveball where this election will take place and it will likely take place on the device you are watching, the television and social media and media manipulation. pete: the judgment was 350 but with interest, 450 and the trump folks were asking can we have a reasonable time, regular amount of time to host this bond, you might help as a lawyer, why are we not posting bail or bond for street criminals who are violent but they are demanding a bond of $450 million from donald trump in the middle of an election, you tell me. feels like what it is which is we want to put the heat on you, we want you to do best forget liquid right now when you should be running for president. it's a pressure campaign. will: new york transformed itself into a no cash bail -- the attorney general is
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bragging about $452 million which is not normal for an attorney general. rachel: nothing is happening, that's a great point, nothing we see happening here is normal. we've never seen this kind of abuse of our legal system on an opposing candidate. we've never seen the regime in power coordinating with everything they are doing to take down their opponent and i think that is important to note because we have young people watching who might think this is normal but this is soviet style tactics being used to make sure that there isn't a real competition, trying to tie him up in court, trying to tie up his money, trying to distract him so he can't run in the iron he is all of this is exposing how unjust this is an people say this doesn't look like america but if you are under the age of 25, you don't have anything to measure it against and that is what
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worries me. >> let's play a fun game. if we had to. how much bail could we post? how much could we post in ten days. not 450 million i tell you that. will: we promoted it yesterday. pete: she's in columbia, south carolina, stuck around in her home state just for us. >> reporter: we are here on elmwood avenue if you are in columbia, get your tail down here. we want to have some open seats back there. if you're watching, when it come on down to the lizard's for could, so many failure faces. my mom and dad's friend, my dad right there. we went to high school together. saw her at the grocery store yesterday, she said i'm coming. all these people have watched fox news for a long time but we
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appreciate it. we wanted to talk to you. to in this room is for nikki haley? we have a few. miss duncan, this gentleman over here. about donald trump. so we are going to talk to a few people, a lot of people, hopefully everyone in this room throughout the broadcast but it is exciting to be here, great to be home. back to you. >> refers to diners by their first and last name, she knows them now. we will check back in with ainsley in a few moments to join her at the lizard thicket in columbia if you have a chance but we are going back to the fox news alert because police revealing the man accused of killing that nursing student in georgia not a us citizen.
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rachel: the suspect did not know lincoln riley before. >> reporter: family and friends of lincoln riley morning her death, her sister writing in a post on instagram, the best sister and my built-in best friend from the very first second. this isn't fair and i will never understand it but i know you are in heaven with the man you love most right now. i'm not sure how i am going to do this but it is going to be for you from now on. i can't wait to give you the biggest hug someday. i will miss and love you forever. riley was a nursing student at agusta university campus, she attended yuji a until last spring, you ga's placed upon got a call thursday from a friend saying she had gone for a run but had not come home. 30 minutes later police found her on the ground with, quote, visible injuries and no pulse. regardless first responders tried to revive her but were
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unsuccessful. investigators say she was killed by blunt force trauma. police arrested josé navarra, his face and several charges including murder, aggravated battery and kidnapping. authorities say he had no known connection to riley and did not attend school at you ga. >> not a us citizen. at this time, the investigation suggests they had no relationship. he did not know her at all. this was a crime of opportunity. he saw an individual, bad things happened. >> reporter: during an investigation police approached navarra's brother because he matched the description, they found his green card to be fake. authorities have not determined whether he is undocumented but he is going -- from venezuela.
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brian: let's get more from the us actor of customs enforcement and fox news contributor, thanks for being here. i understand you are aware of additional details, information about this case. what you have for us? >> into the country legally under the biden policy. she was released on parole as thousands are released every day by this administration so he is here on parole but let me be clear. he shouldn't be here. under the trump administration he would be sitting in mexico under the remaining mexico program but they could about program. under the trumpet ministration we ended catch and release. even if he wasn't in mexico when you enter the country legally under documentation the law says you shall be detained, not maybe, not think about, you shall be detained. we ended catch and release. he should be sitting in a detention facility. to enter the country he
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committed a crime in new york city, his wife was arrested for possession of stolen property. under the trump administration would have been taken back into custody for violating terms of release but this administration, secretary mayorkas told ice you can't arrest somebody for being in the country illegally unless they are convicted of aggravated felony. he wasn't convicted of injury to child, he was arrested. this administration failed three times, this is another senseless preventable death because of the open border. >> in a 2,016 election donald trump was excoriated for saying they are not sending their best when they come across the border. i know among the latino community they are talking about the fact that we know that during the cuban situation castro would release a lot of prisoners, didn't want to pay for them in his jails and let them free. do we know if this young man
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was somebody who maybe was dumped out of venezuelan prison, their economy is suffering, why would they want to keep paying for people like him to stay alive? >> we don't know because someone enters the country legally from a different country, we will run through our databases, most countries don't have access to their databases, when people are fingerprinted this is only as good as information we have access to so that's a problem. they are releasing thousands of people and we don't know who they are. they can give the name tom homan and get accepted if they don't find a record and most nations don't share criminal data with us especially venezuela who hates this country. will: the connection to lincoln riley's death, aggravated
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battery, aggravated assault, kidnapping concealing the death of another. as a point of clarification, you said there's three failures of the system under president biden, i certainly understood the last one, he had already been arrested for a crime in new york city and that crime did not lead to his deportation. please clarify for me the other two failures of the system that should have caught josé bara before he allegedly murdered lincoln riley? >> reporter: remaining mexico program is a game changer for the trump administration. dropped immigration to a 45 year low. increased illegal immigration 83% to 90%. she should be sitting in mexico waiting for his asylum want to remain in mexico program. it was the most effective policy i've seen in my years of doing this job and they killed it because it is a trump policy. the second time they released them in the united states, you
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enter the country illegally, you shall be detained, shall, not maybe. we ended catch and release, detained them like the law says. the administration broke the law. this is part of the lawsuit in texas. this administration hasn't done a thing to solve the flaw and refuse to call it a crisis and the president says crisis, mayorkas is crisis because they put a bill on the senate that would not have done anything to secure the border because they are going to flip the script and say the republicans failure to sign this bill caused, prevented the border from being secure. mark my word the state of the union address president biden will put this on the republicans because they didn't agree to sign this bill that wouldn't have done nothing to secure the border. this is about flipping the script, blaming republicans, this is the number one issue voters are concerned about and in panic mode.
3:19 am
they haven't done a thing and a few months from the election and all of a sudden they act like they care. this young lady suffered terrible death, violent death fighting for her life. another us citizen family is going to bury their child because of this open border. i've met thousands of angel moms and dads who never get used to it. i couldn't sleep last night. imagine what her family is going to. they are going through hell because this government has failed them. we've got to get to the voting booth in november and get these people out of power and secure this border and protect lives. got to save lives and you do that by securing the border. pete: you laid out three ways this was prevent will, the brother of the suspected killer also charged with pushing a fraudulent green card, those are flipping around of course and also the brother who tried
3:20 am
to help them murderer suspect has been arrested three times by athens law enforcement before. the other thing, semantics are really important. the media will say not a citizen but not a citizen means ultimately he is here on asylum, but the asylum claim is bogus then he broke the law and came here illegally so we will watch the media carefully as they try to paint this is something other than illegal entrant to the country killed citizen. thanks for being with us and shining light on this story. appreciate your perspective. will: this young lady was on campus, a campus that hasn't seen anything like this, haven't seen a murder in that area in 20 years, she was in place she thought was safe on her campus, i can't believe this has happened. i'm with tom saying i don't know how the family will get through this knowing this --
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will: is the brother here on legal status, been arrested three times, law enforcement. will: he said he couldn't be deported because he's afraid of circumstances under threat so they let him go. >> moving onto another story but factors that one. president biden cancels one. $2 billion in student loans including $20 million where we are in south carolina, students at university of south carolina react next. rachel: i alive show the selection day from south carolina, do not go anywhere. when enamel is gone, you cannot get it back. but you can repair it with pronamel repair. it penetrates deep into the tooth to actively repair acid weakened enamel. i recommend pronamel repair.
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ditch the other guys and you'll save hundreds. get a free line of unlimited intro for 1 year when you buy one unlimited line. and for a limited time, get the new samsung galaxy s24 on us. rachel: welcome back to fox in france, president biden is canceling $1.2 billion in student debt for 150,000 borrowers blue. the original plan struck down by the supreme court and that number including $20 million forgiven in south carolina alone. here to react or two south carolina students, drew simmons and brendan connors. i will start with you, drew blooge-following the social
3:26 am
media, my daughter will send me things on this issue and there's a lot of young people that were mad that he promised to cancel debt, so they will be happy that he did this. what is your opinion on this? >> we as the right wing need a solution to this problem. there is definitely an issue in this country with people going in, getting loans and going into student debt and paying it off for the rest of their life but the responsibility needs to fall on the universities. as soon as the government got involved in this issue we began to see the cost of tuition rise and people go to immense debt they are unable to pay off. this is not the way to do it. president biden taking from the bottom echelon of society and giving it to the highest income earners is not the way to solve this problem. >> they are sitting on massive entitlements, they know the government will give loans and eventually cancel debt so they have no incentive to bring down the cost of education which is the root of the problem.
3:27 am
brendan. >> the onus is on the universities to step up and i do believe the government has a legitimate role in helping citizens prosper but the way to go about that is definitely not introducing policies that will make it harder for students. in addition to the tuition, a lot of people would prosper outside the college system, pushing students -- exactly. rachel: you are probably going to pay in taxes or a currency collapse if we keep printing money. let's talk fast about the electoral component of this, do you think this will help president biden who has been struggling? >> president biden is in trouble and what he's doing is throwing a bone to the millennial voters in trying to get young voters back on board. todd: will that work?
3:28 am
>> no, this political system is not working for us. it's time we start getting involved in politics and working to solve problems like this. outside of these quick band-aids. todd: will this help are not? >> it would help to some degree but most young millennials are waking up to this problem. >> you sound responsible so that makes me feel hopeful for the future. the future is a lot of debt, adding to it. all right, thanks for joining us. we are just about 30 minutes from paul's opening in south carolina. ainslie is live talking to voters. how is the crowd? >> reporter: it's great. we are so fired up. everyone woke up at 3 am this morning. madeline has fried okra in
3:29 am
front of her and her friend from the university of south carolina has never tried it. can we do a taste test? let's see mode quickly, quickly. what do you think? more "fox and friends," we will be right back. lowe's knows you don't just want a low price... you want the lowe's-est price. did you say lowest, or lowe's-est price? it's basically the same thing. if you find a better price somewhere else, we'll match it. get the lowe's-est price, with our lowest price guarantee. you got this. we got you.
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♪ sweet caroline ♪ brian: pete: primary election day in south carolina, the calls opening in 20 minutes. ainslie ehrhardt is live in lizard's thicket in columbia, south carolina and of the primary.
3:34 am
>> this is trump country. what's your name? >> terry daniels. >> you drove and got up early this morning. >> 3:00. trump is the best candidate running. >> with your name. >> trip. >> you been at fox before, i remember you talking to janice. >> years. it's trump. >> it's trump. >> is a close to your name? >> yes. he is a businessman, makes decisions, signs the front of the check and so he knows how to run a business and this country needs -- >> they are trying to charge him 500 million -- >> it is obscene, it's jealousy. >> tell me your name. >> my name is duane. >> you like trump i see by your hat. why do you like him? >> because he is a strong leader with immigration and the economy, i think he's the right
3:35 am
man to fix the problem for the united states. >> reporter: let's head to this table. wonderful table over here. i know you are for trump. why? >> he does the best job and got it in his hands. >> reporter: you've been listening to fox news and rush limbaugh and sean hannity since the beginning of time. we appreciate it. judy duncan, i grew up on her street, grew up with her kids and you were one of the few that said you like nikki haley. why do you like nikki haley. >> i'm a republican number one and i want to candidate that can beat a democrat and she has a better chance, she would be a strong leader. trump would be too, no matter which wins, but i think she has a better chance. >> reporter: you said nikki
3:36 am
haley, just the two of you. >> and one other person. i voted for nikki haley because we want youth, time to get woman in the white house, i'm tired of looking at the old thing over and over and over again. >> reporter: a house divided. >> house divided indeed. i will vote for trump, he's the best candidate. my number one concern is immigration because i immigrated into this country illegally, went through the whole process, anybody out there that didn't to this country and became a citizen should be outraged at what is going on right now. what do you think? >> biden family should be embarrassed, held accountable for their man in front of the cameras and in public view as bad as he is with dementia that he's demonstrated. >> reporter: will they replace and before the election? >> they will wait until after.
3:37 am
>> back to you. pete: a fun game on remote location, is your my car or not, i'm failing the game. using my mike is hot. just say. >> reporter: i heard last night will saying we have a hot mike, last night he was asking about -- pete: who has the best south carolina accent? my bet is your dad. >> reporter: they want to hear your accent. >> hey, y'all. >> reporter: he's a good man. everyone loves to hear you on speaker phone. when i'm in hair and makeup dad likes my hair straight and parted on the side. rachel: we talked about how he likes his hair. a lot of opinions.
3:38 am
>> strong christian and a good woman. >> we've got to get the show back to the weekend. talk to you, chip huggins coming up. chip huggins was representative and now he works for the university head of develop into an south carolina so we will talk to you coming up, got to get back to them, their show, not mine, love you all. love you all. pete: got a ride home from the show yesterday. basketball coach lives in the area, knows everything about colombia and south carolina. turning now to your headlines starting with the border and estimated 200 illegals released into san diego yesterday. fox news learn those illegals are headed to the airport to be sent to different cities across the country of course. >> going to new york. atlanta. >> new jersey.
3:39 am
>> chicago. >> on my flight from nashville, there was a guy who said migrant they are flying them all over the country, migrant shelter, illegal shelter in san diego ran out of funding this week after it could no longer handle the surge across the board. and to a developing story the military is tracking another foreign balloon flying over the united states at the moment, the balloon spotted over utah in colorado and officials expected it to hit georgia last night, norad not revealing information as to where the balloon came from. rachel: i have a guess. and chinese birthday party. pete: the agency says don't worry, not a threat. comes one year after the military took down the chinese
3:40 am
spy balloon after it flew over the country for several days. last night, hosted the ingraham england will joined the show. as we just joked about, we caught him on a hot mike, watch this. will: did you miss the headlines this week with me in south carolina to go over our weekday wrapup is will kane. will: let me plans that again. don't know, i didn't realize it was a hot was a hot mike because you can't tell. rachel: the internet realized. are you worried about your tan? >> on tv off tv same person pretty much so talking like he looks tan, do i look tan and next thing you know he is reading the prompter and it is burgundy. and -- rachel: that happened yesterday and he did it again just now
3:41 am
when ainsley was on. you would think he would learn. rachel: a fox news exclusive, sources say president biden is considering joining the board of a ccp linked company as part of hunter's business dealings, south carolina congresswoman nancy mase is live with us next. ♪ a thing of the past by relieving pressure points and supporting your body in a way no other mattress can. for a limited time, save up to $500 on select tempur pedic adjustable mattress sets.
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>> this november we are going to defeat president biden, crooked and corrupt incompetent president who's destroying our country. other than that i think he is quite is quite a nice man. >> donald trump rallying primary voters with an eye toward the general election. as polls open in 15 minutes. south carolina congresswoman nancy mase is throwing her support behind donald trump and she joins us now. thanks for being here. good to see you. i have to look at this race and say you have been on multiple sides of this race, you endorsed donald trump early on but after january 6th switched
3:46 am
and was behind nikki haley and donald trump endorsed your opponent in the race but you won and now you supported him and you are endorsing him. when you look at the -- we have viewers now going to vote. why are you on the side of donald trump? >> i listen to the voters and look at 3 years of president biden. when you look at the number one issue that concerns voters today, immigration and the border, he had the most secure border we've had in decades with title 42, remain in mexico, building 450 miles of wall on the southern border, that's the primary issue people care about and i listen to south carolinians. i listen to voters and what you are going to see tonight is see him run away with a victory, another historic victory in record voting, record voting this week and you will see him when huge and you will see that in every state across the country right now. brian: your south carolina congresswoman. if that happens what's your message to nikki haley? she said she's charging ahead no matter what? >> what we don't want to do is
3:47 am
continue to take shots at the presumptive nominee. i hope she will drop out. i hope she will unite the party, help unite the party because we need to take all our energy and put it against president biden. a lot is at stake and i believe this is the most consequential election of our lifetime. it's time to gather around the man who can lead our country and that man is donald trump. brian: one of the issues you mentioned is the issue of illegal immigration, something candidate trump in 2016 talked about when the establishment republican party didn't want to. now the floodgates have been opened and we've got a story will lead with, university of georgia student murdered by a suspect we now know is not a us citizen, likely here under amnesty or asylum but that means illegally. if you've got an illegal immigrant on the campus university of georgia allegedly killing a student with a previous criminal record, how did we get here? >> this is happening across the
3:48 am
country, we had it happened in the state of south carolina, someone that was deported under donald trump's presidency got back in under president biden's presidency, murder 4-year-old girl in the upstate in south carolina, this happens all the time across the country which is why americans are rallying behind donald trump. they want to a strong leader and that is who he is, that's what he's going to bring when he becomes president. brian: you want to hang a number on it? >> 25 to 28 point win. rachel: it will be interesting. >> record numbers of people turning out in the most from supportive counties of the state and today you will see an overwhelming number of trump voters. you will see them come out overwhelmingly today. >> interesting to watch nikki haley target democrats. >> particularly in my district. she's been targeting democrats. every single day, multiple mail
3:49 am
pieces, open primaries, the reason we should close our primary sent allow republicans to vote republican primaries but the only way she can close any gap against donald trump which won't be very much in south carolina is too big democrats to vote for her and that is what she's doing. brian: thank you. sean hannity and lawrence jones will be joining this program, plus things heating up in south carolina. we tried the world's hottest pepper, that's a curve ball. is called the carolina reefer. come en, come en. we come on. we will see if he doesn't later.
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>> put a nice weather pattern across part of the country, a little cooler air across the northern plains but we are still in february, no real cold anywhere in sight. we are going to watch temperatures be a little bit seasonable, warm little disturbance across part of the ohio valley, a bit of a clipper system, snow across areas of ohio, rain on the other side of
3:54 am
this that eventually turned into accumulating snow. this tells you we are showing you a map of some spots, 2 to 3 inches of snow. what this will do is bring cooler air eventually in tonight but take a look at today, south carolina you've got a nice day in store, temperatures in the 60s, maybe a scattered shower or two, won't be a washout, no problems for voting, the only problem you will have is the heat you are about to be dealing with. if it's too hot you can run outside and open your mouth and things will be really good. rachel: thank you, we miss you. will: it's about to go down. rachel: the world's hottest pepper, the carolina -- will: we are past that. did carry gary joins us now.
3:55 am
>> the world's hottest pepper, this is a factor. >> the world's hottest pepper, back in september 2023. rachel: i try to shake hands with him and he said don't touch me, i've been touching peppers and this is serious stuff. will: it held the record for 10 years, for a decade. what was the unit? 1.6? >> 1.642 million. will: this is now the world's hottest, which is stuff. it is called x. >> pepper x, 2.693 million on that. will: it is 50% more. >> it is actually triple. will: what is pepper spray if i pray -- spray the pepper spray?
3:56 am
>> 1.2 million. >> at 6:50 in the morning. >> i will try it. in the break. will: do you need creamer? you are okay. will: it is tasty. i've got it. my tongue is numb. this is not. my gosh. polls are open in south carolina, when we come back. ♪
3:57 am
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